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Vinegar Is a Great Disinfectant You Should Use on a Regular Basis


If you have been having a tough time choosing a cleaning solution for your home, as you find most products sold on the market to be either too expensive or too hurtful for the environment, here is a cheap option that is completely eco-friendly. We are talking about vinegar, the same culinary ingredient that you surely use for marinades, salad dressings and other cooking purposes. Vinegar acts great as a cleaning solution, and, if you do not want to spend extra on expensive products, a bottle of vinegar is just what you need.

What is vinegar? As far as its composition goes, it is a weaker version of acetic acid. It acts great as a disinfectant, and it will not hurt your stomach when consumed. The kind of vinegar that is most recommended for home cleaning is white vinegar. Cider vinegar or other varieties do not work as well, and they may have some unpleasant side effects. So, our recommendation is to only use white vinegar, without any other ingredients combined in its formula.


When you use vinegar as a cleaning solution, what you need is a spray bottle, so that you can spread the vinegar evenly over the surface you want to clean. For stubborn grime, 100% vinegar is a good choice, because it will dissolve it right away. However, you may also want to have a spray bottle with a combination of one part vinegar and one part water, for less brutal cleaning tasks.


This well known culinary ingredient works wonder as an all-purpose cleaner, but it is also great for very specific tasks. For instance, if you have some unsightly spills on your carpet that you want to get rid of, spraying the spills with the half water, half vinegar combination described earlier and letting it for a few minutes, will do the trick. You will just need to bloat the area with a dry towel, and you will notice a great improvement right away.


Vinegar is great for cleaning windows, too. The best part is that this substance does not leave unpleasant streaks like cheap cleaning products usually do. Spraying vinegar mixed with water on your windows and mirrors and wiping with old newspapers or a piece of cloth will leave nothing but perfectly clean surfaces behind.

If you have silver cutlery that no longer looks presentable enough to be placed on the table on special occasions, you can use vinegar to bring back its natural shine. Dissolve one teaspoon of salt in a cup of white vinegar and then add a bit of flour to create a paste. Get as much paste as possible on the cutlery, let it sit for about 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water. You will be extremely pleased with the results.




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